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Bashinet is one of the main villains from Sorcer Striker. He appears as a midboss in various stages and as the boss of stage 4. He later appears as one of the final bosses in Kingdom Grandprix.

The son of King Gobligan, Bashinet acts as the second in command of the Gobligan Empire. Unlike his father, who wants to destroy humans to get his revenge, Bashinet instead wants to conquer the world and rule over the humans. Bashinet controls his own Sorcer Striker, which is capable of attaching various equipment into itself, making every fight different from the other. When fought as a boss he uses a giant body with rocket launchers and laser cannons. He appears again in the final stage, being fought just before the final boss, where he uses a giant humanoid body. Even though he was defeated, he appears again after beating the final boss, attacking the king in a last attempt to take down the heroes, but he ultimately fails.

Bashinet appears as a hidden boss in Armed Police Batrider, fought randomly if you're playing with any of the Sorcer Striker characters.


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