Basco ta Jolokia is a major character and one of two secondary antagonist in the TV series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and the archenemy of Captain Marvelous.


Basco monster form

Basco's true form.

Basco was originally a feared pirate who amassed a bounty of 3 million Zagins, making him one of the most dangerous pirates in the cosmos. He became a member of the Red Pirates, a 3-man crew comprising of himself and Marvelous under AkaRed, a legendary Super Sentai hero who traveled the Cosmos to gather the Ranger Keys that scattered across the universe in the aftermath of the Great Legend War. Though they eventually managed to find all the Ranger Keys, Basco learned of AkaRed's intentions and sold his ship mates out to the Zangyack to have the treasure all for himself. However, AkaRed sacrifices himself to ensure Marvelous escapes with the Ranger Keys and the Gokai Galleon. Soon after, Basco is made a privateer of the Zangyack Empire and acquires his personal vessel, a modified Zangyackian battleship titled the Free Joker. Basco gained a partner, Sally the space monkey, who provides him with seven giant Pseudo-Lifeforms. Basco also managed to obtained fifteen sixth hero and ten extra hero Ranger Keys.

A year after his betrayal, Basco arrives to Earth after learning of the bounty on Marvelous' new crew, the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, had exceeded that of the Red Pirates. Upon making himself known, Basco finds himself on the defense from an enraged Marvelous before three giant Sugormin appeared on orders from Damaras. After talking with Damaras, Basco called Marvelous out for a duel and reveals that possessed Ranger Keys of the extra Sentai heroes as he used his trumpet to conjure the sixth Sentai heroes to brutalize the crew and take them hostage to force Marvelous to hand the Ranger Keys, Navi, and the Gokai Galleon over. However, Marvelous sets up a counter to enable his crew's escape and obtain the sixth hero Ranger Keys, forcing Basco to fall back with the Liquidroid Wateru.

Though he lacked the Ranger Keys, Basco resolved to get after the Sentai team yet to give that Greater Powers to the Gokaigers. While attempting to take the Greater powers of the Gingamen from Hyuuga, Basco loses the Bullblack Key as he covers his escape with the Moonroid Tsukki. After his failed Basco scheme to take the Greater Power of GoGoV from Matsuri Tatsumi, losing Fireroid Meran in the process, Basco had better luck going after the Maskmen, Flashmen, and the Changemen fore going after Gorou Hoshino of the Ohrangers. Though a trap was set up for him by the Ohranger leader, Basco expected it and have the extra heroes sweep the warehouse they were in for the bombs. Basco then tries to rip the Greater Powers of the Ohrangers from Gorou, but is stopped by Marvelous who shoots his trumpet out of his hands. Though he lost all his Ranger Keys, Basco unveils his true form and easily defeats the Gokaigers yet spares them to make it easier to collect the greater powers.

Going after Kenta Date of the Megarangers, Basco planted a bomb in Moroboshi High and force his compliance. However, the resourcefulness of Kenta's students enabled the Gokaigers to fight back and drive Basco off as he has Sally release two Pseudo-Lifeforms, Moririn and Dororin, before taking his leave. After obtaining the Greater powers of the Fivemen and Sun Vulcan, Basco is ambushed by a furious Damaras, who forced Basco to help him as penance for sparring the Gokaigers prior to them killing the emperor's son Warz Gill. Though he reluctantly agreed, Basco arranged to make it seem he killed Joe, Ahim, Luka, and Gai as he aids Damaras in capturing Marvelous. However, once his ruse is exposed, Basco literally backstabs Damaras while explaining that the Gokaigers are necessary for him to obtain all of the greater powers. Soon after, Basco's bounty is restored and raised to 10 million Zagins.

Basco appeared to the Gokaigers after Space Sheriff Gavan had been captured and informed them of Makuu Space, knowing they would go after him and leave the Galleon unguarded. Later, as he prepared to board and lay claim to the Gokai Galleon, Ranger Keys and greater powers, he encountered the 36th Sentai team, the Go-Busters who had arrived to stop him. They engaged in a brief battle, and proved to be evenly matched. Seeing his opportunity lost, Basco falls back while punishing Sally for patronizing with the enemy.

After the Gokaigers found and claimed the Greater Power of the Kakurangers, the final confrontation with Basco was imminent. Making the first move, Basco had prepared for this and unleashed his final two Pseudo-Lifeforms on the city before they are both dispatched by Kanzen GokaiOh. However, formulating a scheme to get the Ranger Keys, Basco shoots Sally numerous times to play on Marvelous's sympathy. Though Sally begins to have second thoughts, Basco decided to trick the explosive necklace he gave to Basco the moment the simian was in close distance. Though Sally mamanged to contain the blast to save Marvelous, it knocked out as his crew thought he died. Defeating the Gokaigers, Basco takes their keys and the Gokai Galleon.

Placing the five stolen Greater Powers into their Ranger Keys, Basco prepared to claim the Greatest Treasure when he learns Navi had managed to escape her bonds. Since Navi is needed to unlock the treasure, Basco used the Rapparatta to create clones of the Gokaigers to search the ship for her. However, the Gokai Galleon crew sneak back on board and defeat their respective Ranger Key to catch Basco with his guard down. After defeating the Gokai Red Ranger Key, the Gokaigers attempted to destroy Basco with the Galleon Buster with a Special Charge, but Basco was able to deflect the Rising Strike and send it back. The blast caused the Galleon Buster to go flying into Basco's hands, along with the five Gokaiger keys that were inserted into it. As Basco prepared to destroy the defenseless pirates, Marvelous turned up and the two engaged in a ferocious battle. At the end, Marvelous impaled both his and Basco's feet and scored a direct hit across the chest with his GokaiSaber while Basco shot Marvelous with his gun. After the huge explosion, Basco was mildly surprised that Marvelous' actions that he thought got himself killed in his attempt to take him down with him, until Marvelous revealed he had been saved with a part of the necklace that Sally had been given that survived the monkey's destruction. Basco couldn't believe that his own betrayal of Sally had been his undoing, falling with a smug smile as his body dissolved into red mist.


  • Before Gai Ikari debut, some fans theorized that Basco will become the sixth Gokaiger due he have all sixth ranger key and also due being rivals of Captain Marvelous
  • Kei Hosogai (Basco actor) has recently admitted to be following Power Rangers Super Megaforce on his Twitter account.
  • Despite Basco never making an appearance in Power Rangers Super Megaforce, The Silver Ranger, Orion, steals his ship to travel to Earth, where it is used to invade the Armada Main Ship and take down Emperor Mavro.