Baruk is a minor villain from Ys 5. He one of Rizze's lieutenants, along with Abyss and Karion.

He first appears when Rizze calls him and the other lieutenants to subjugate Adol inside Dorman's mansion, to take the crystals in Adol's possession, which were needed to break the seal upon the lost city of Kefin. He appears again in the southern tower of Kefin, which Adol infiltrates to rescue Niena, which had been kidnapped by Rizze. Baruk holds Niena hostage and taunts Adol, never noticing that Nottis and Dios from the Ibur Gang were sneaking behind him. The two rescue Niena, leaving Adol to confront Baruk. Noticing his hostage was gone, Baruk gets enraged and attacks Adol, but ends defeated.

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