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Barter is a villain who first appeared in Hawk and Dove Vol.3 1.

The modest sign above his shop says: Barter Trading Exotic goods and services. Inside the dimly lit pawn shop lays a pot-pourri of antiquities and merchandise, eccentric and cosmic in scope. None of this is for sale. Barter gives these things away but he takes something in exchange. Another object, information, ten years of life, but never money. Barter doesn’t buy or sell he trades. Little is known about Barter he appears middle-aged, but claims to be much older. He says he was cursed long ago by a power “older and more powerful” than even the Lords of Chaos and Order, and can no longer give without taking, or receive without reciprocating.

While closing a deal, Barter has almost infinite power. He can bestow anything he has and can take anything his customer may rightfully offer, from material goods to intangible talents, super powers, or thoughts.

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