Bart is the main antagonist of the 2005 film Unleashed. He's a vicious loan shark who will kill anyone who gets in his way of getting his money. He used a young man by the name of Danny to help him collect his debts that people owed him. He's portrayed by the late Bob Hoskins.


Bart was vicious, arrogant, and malevolent even in gangsters standard. When he was under Danny's mercy, Bart confessed that he was so insane that he even think himself as animal worse than Danny himself. Even while he had manipulative and seemingly humane side on the outside, but inside, Bart is actually a monstrous and depraved beast within whom even not afraid to die that he revealed moments before being incapacitated. However, despite his villainous nature, Bart is not pure evil and has a small amount of mercy and care for Danny, shown when he chose not to shoot Danny dead when Danny turned against him, saying that while he thinks that he should kill Danny for betraying him, he realises that he is unable to do it because, in his own twisted villainous way, he cares for Danny and wants him to come home, as he offers Danny his collar to become Bart's pet dog again, though Danny refuses of course.