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Barry the Bulldog is the second henchmen who works for Bletch. At first he's one of the actors in the troupe, but turns out to be a drug dealer.

Barry found Louie waiting in an alley and took him to Bletch's office to test out the white powder, which turned out to be borax. Dennis the anteater walks in Bletch's office and snorts the borax, killing him instantly. Then Barry and Trevor forced Louie to talk where they kept the drugs, then Barry and Trevor killed Louie by force feeding him borax, liquidating him. Then Barry, Trevor and their boss, Bletch, went out to the docks to pick up the drugs and Barry killed an approaching Cedric. As the three were about to leave, a huge spider swoops down and bites Barry's head off, killing him.

He's smarter than his fellow minion Trevor the Rat

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