Barry Rabe

Barry was a young man of a rich couple, however he was also a Jägerbar (a Bear like creature), his mother Diane encouraged him to participate in a savage ritual there kind used to perform where they kidnapped humans and hunted them.

A couple broke into there home, realising someone was there they tried to leave, after messing around having fun. The girl escaped, but Barry attacked and kidnapped the man. Later when Nick and Hank investigated the crime, Nick saw his father shift and realised he was dealing with Wesen, immediately making him suspicious.

Later that night Barry and his Jägerbar friends went through a test run of the ritual, as it was ment to be a coming of age ceramony. The next day he saved his mother from the girlfriend of his victim, and kidnapped her planing to use her in the hunt. Together with his friends they prepared before letting the couple lose into the forest, then the Jägerbars chased after them.

However realizing what was going to happen after consulting the books, Nick found Frank Rabe (Barrys father) and told him what was happening. Together they managed to track down the Jägerbars, Nick casually beat Barry's friends to the ground. While Frank stopped his son. Diana tried to interveen but fell into her own sons spike pit, Barry and his friends were arrested for there crimes.