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Later, tater.
~ Barry to Sterling Archer

Barry Dylan is a villain, and a recurring antagonist of the critically acclaimed TV show Archer. Due to his frequent appearances, including as the final villain of the season's finale, he can be considered the main antagonist of Season 3 of the show.


Barry sometimes talks to himself and calls himself "Other Barry." Occasionally he refers to himself in the third person. In addition to conversing with himself, he has also been known to speak to his gun.


While on a mission in Berlin, during which Archer burst into a room to kill two double-agents, Barry ruined Archer's suit. As he clung to a cord to keep from falling off the balcony, Barry apologized to Archer, but the latter decided not to help him. Barry eventually fell on a car and broke his left leg which has been fixed by two steel rods and 16 titanium screws.

On a mission to Russia to save Sterling Archer from the KGB at Malory's behest, Barry was dropped from a fire escape by Sterling and had to have his right leg amputated. Then the KGB had him converted into a cyborg to eliminate Katya Kazanova, a defecting KGB agent. But Barry has his own agenda, namely revenge against Archer. He managed to unintentionally kill Kazanova, but failed in his attempt to kill Archer, but was pleased to see that he caused Archer great emotional pain.

Upon Katya's "resurrection" (courtesy of Doctor Krieger), Barry again tried to kill Archer. Katya, being a fellow cyborg, defended Archer, but the fight ended in a way no one foresaw. Skin Game

Barry was stuck at the International Space Station and had no way back to Earth due to Cyril's destruction of his space ship.  That is, until Season 4, when he made it back to Earth, thanks to Krieger instructing him on how to build a makeshift rocket.

Several weeks after Barry returned, the pair worked with celebrity chef Lance Casteau to ruin American-Albanian relations and make Malory Archer look bad. Barry and Katya also didn't bother ISIS after the FBI shut it down.

In "Edie's Wedding", Katya broke up with Barry and began a relationship with Boris whom Barry considered the "dumbest man in all of Russia". Losing another woman drove Barry back to his violent hatred for Archer. Barry followed Archer and Pam to Wisconsin to attend Edie's wedding. Barry kidnapped Pam and lured Archer and Edie into an abandoned barn. Barry was shot by Pam with explosive ammo injuring him. Barry was buried under tons of chicken feed and then left to die in the barn that was set to burn thanks to Edie.

Barry's bionic body appeared to be functional and he lost all the remained of his insanity.

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