Barry Dorgan is one of the villains of the 1994 Stephen King Horror, The Stand.

He was portrayed by Chuck Adamson.

A polite but ass kicking ex police detective from Santa Monica, CA. Although he aids Randall Flagg, he only does so because he believes Flagg's world is the sole society that will bring back law and order. But he loses faith in Flagg's society and yet choses to stay because Flagg will destroy him if he escapes.

One of the few sane followers of Flagg, who picks up Larry Underwood, Ralph Brentner, and Glen Bateman, and are really surprised by his sweet nature but make it clear that his mentally stable views don't excuse nor acquit his work on the behalf of the truly evil people he takes orders from. He guarded over Larry's and Ralph's planned deaths and then is killed by The Trashcan Man's nuclear bomb.