Barrow Wights (Ghostbusters)

The Barrow Wights

The Barrow Wights are supernatural rat-like entities and monsters in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. They were found in theabandoned Subway 13 by bullies who wanted revenge after Slimer scared them to protect his new friend, Mike the Mouse. The Ghostbusters eventually trapped all of them.


After some creepy occurrences, part of New York City's subway, Subway 13 was closed down. Years later, Rick, a leader of a group of bullies, searched the subway for help against Slimer, Mike the Mouse's new bodyguard. The Barrow Wights appeared to Rick and tricked him into inviting them outside. Rick then set a trap at a dilapidated building. However, the Barrow Wights turned on Rick. Slimer and the Ghostbusters were able to fight them off and captured them all. A total of two Ghost Traps were used.


Barrow Wight Leader

The leader of the Barrow Wights as shown with his skin color blue.

The leader of the nest was shown to have unique features from the other Barrow Wights: an orange mane and cyan blue skin.


The Barrow Wights are very sly masters of deception. Their leader tricked the bullies by agreeing to help them and then turned against them.

Powers and Abilities

Barrow Wights are supernatural creatures similar to Trolls. They are very clever and can easily trick people. Also, they dwell underground in nests and they can't come up to the surface world unless you invite them, much like how Vampires cannot enter your house unless you invite them in. They were able to be trapped like regular ghosts.

The leader of the nest, at least, also displayed a form of telekinesis when it raised a finger and the glass on a nearby flashlight shattered. The Leader also could speak limited English.


  • The Barrow Wights refer to the surface as "Up Above World".
  • The Barrow Wights were based on creatures in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth of the same name. These "creatures of burial mounds" were in turn based on Draugrs of Norse Mythology.
  • The first word of the creatures' name appears as the name of one of Mike's books.
  • The Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection booklet misspells these entities as "Barrow-Whites".


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