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The Barraki are one of the villains in the BIONICLE series and were the main antagonists of the 2007 storyline as well as the minor villains in the rest of the storyline. They are the six warlords who controlled their army called the League of Six Kingdoms as they were intended of maintaining peace and order in the universe in the past. However, lusted with power; they seek to overthrow the Great Spirit and to conquer the Matoran Universe for universe domination .


In the early days of the history of the universe, the Barraki were first formed by Pridak, a former servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta when he left the Brotherhood's services. 

List of Members



  • So far, Pridak and Carapar are the only two Barraki who have died in the series. 



Bionicle Barraki short movie Creeps from the Deep02:22

Bionicle Barraki short movie Creeps from the Deep

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