Erich von Wolff (Earth-616)
(not to be confused with the Punisher villain of the same name)

Captain Erich von Wolff—Also known as the Barracuda—was a Nazi U-Boat captain who was active during World War II. In 1942 he was assigned to the channels of the Atlantic Ocean and took great pleasuring in sinking civilian ships and gunning down the survivors as they attempted to flee aboard life boats.

On one such occasion, he sunk an American cruise ship and ordered his men to gun down the survivors and take out their radio tower before they could call for help. His attack a success, Barracuda would order his men to submerge and depart to find another target. Unknown to von Wolff at the time was that the slaughter was witnessed by the undersea hero known as the Fin. The Fin would track down the Barracudas U-Boat and force his way inside. Fighting off the crew and listening in on the captains quarters, the Fin then overheard Von Wolff gloating over his victory. The Barracuda was laughing about how he caused a young woman and her infant child to drown in the water, taking great pleasure in the act. This admission angered the Fin, who then stormed the room and fight off Von Wolff's men. Not wishing to be captured, Von Wolff would grab two live wires from the ships electrical panel and attempt to electrocute the hero. The Fin would force them out of Von Wolff's hands, causing them to land in a puddle of gasoline, igniting the fuel.

In order to stop flames from spreading, the Fin would use Von Wolff to douse the flames and them smash his head into the ships bulk head, knocking the Nazi out. The Fin would next radio a nearby British destroyer and have it come and capture Von Wolff and his minions.

The fate of Captain Erich von Wolff following the war remains unknown.