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Meet baron

The "Bruiser Brothers".

Barons of Hell are demons found in the Doom series and resemble satyrs with pink torsos and brown goat legs.

A pair of barons, referred to internally by id Software as the "Bruiser Brothers," star as the bosses at the end of Knee-Deep in the Dead, the first episode of Doom. Barons also appear as regular enemies in the later episodes and in the sequels; coincidentally, they and their weaker counterparts the Hell knights frequently appear in pairs.

A Baron will utter a loud, trumpeting bull-like cry when it spots a player. With 1000 hit points, Barons are the most resilient of all creatures in Doom save for the Cyberdemon and the Spiderdemon. They attack opponents by scratching when close or by throwing green comet-like fireballs when distant.


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