Baroness von Krimm

Baroness von Krimm is the main villainess in "My Favorite Prisoner," a Season Four episode of Hogan's Heroes.

She was played by Marj Dusay, who would be known for playing the evil Vanessa Bennett on All My Children.

Baroness von Krimm caught the eye of Colonel Hogan at a gathering orchestrated by Colonel Klink, unaware that she is also an agent planted by Klink and Schultz in order to get information from Hogan. He is invited to the Baroness' place, where they engage in a romantic embrace. Hogan discovers the plan and uses the Baroness to further his own plan, which includes a British captain, Sears, and planting phony plans to set up the Germans. The Baroness gets Sears arrested, but she is later diverted by Hogan while the Heroes break Sears out.


  • Marj Dusay appeared in three episodes of Hogan's Heroes, with "My Favorite Prisoner" marking her only appearance as a villainess.