And I'll remember YOU as the time pilots who couldn't catch Baron Wasteland!
~ Baron Wasteland

Baron Wasteland is an antagonist in the 1996 game show Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?. He is a wealthy aristocrat from the Industrial Era that serves Carmen Sandiego.

He was portrayed by Jamie Greenberg.


Baron Wasteland wears heavy, expensive clothing and walks around with a metal, electricity-conducting cane. He is always seen wearing an eyepatch with a V drawn upon it (presumably standing for V.I.L.E.), wears white gloves and has a steriotypical villain mustache and monocle.


Coming from the Industrial Era, and being presumably a rich corporation owner, the Baron is very proud, arrogant, egotistical, and selfish, but is always formal in his speech. In contrast to his imponent figure, his voice is somewhat thin and his laugh is strangely high-pitched (not exaggeratedly, just a little). He is also completely hostile and antagonistic to the environment (as his name implies) and loves pollution, being called by Carmen when a mission usually involves pollution or an environmental crime. Much like Dr. Belljar, Wasteland also has an extremely erratic and temperamental manner of speaking and it is hinted he might be insane, since his transmissions usually show his speech randomly reversing and often cutting to him doing random acts in the background, often ending with a wide-angle shot of his face.

Role in the show

As every villain in the show, Wasteland was called by Carmen to execute a crime in a distant time period and steal an important invention or item to change history. He would later attack the Chronoskimmer, initiating the Data Boost questions and later offering the participants hints about his current location (thinking they would never catch him). Even so, the pilots (the show's participants) managed to get to the final challenge and trap the Baron inside a Prison Orb. Wasteland never got to the show's 2nd season, or the final game, being replaced by Buggs Zapper.

Powers and Abilities

Like the other villains, Baron a Wasteland can teleport through space and time, and his cane can shoot electricity from the tip. His teleportation consists on him breaking into several triangular shards and making a glass shattering sound. While attacking the Chronoskimmer, he would zap it with the electricity from his cane.


Going somewhere, Time Tykes? I don't think so. AHA!
~ Attacking the Chronoskimmer.
We'll meet again, Time Tots! And sooner than you think!
~ Escaping into the Trail of Time.


  • His name is a play on "barren wasteland", possibly explaining his taste on pollution.