Ignorant Kartoffel Geischgt! You have not zeen ze last of Baron von Shellshock!
~ Shellshock upon being defeated.

Baron von Shellshock is an evil baron that was working for Kaos, and an antagonist in the console version of Skylanders: SWAP Force.

He only appears in the Motleyville level, where he has taken over the town and imprisoned Baron Sharpfin. His crimes consist of evilizing Tessa's bird, Whiskers, and imprisoning Tessa and Flynn as well.


Skylanders SWAP ForceEdit

When Flynn, Tessa, and Whiskers arrived in Motleyville to see Sharpfin, Baron von Shellshock had Whiskers evilized and imprisoned Flynn and Tessa after announcing that he was in charge of "the new Motleyville". As the Skylander arrived on the scene, Shellshock sent the evilized Whiskers after them, but fled when they managed to drive the evil bird off. During the course of the chapter, the Skylander had to chase the cowardly crab down through Motleyville, while getting past the obstacles Shellshock set up for them. After pursuing Shellshock to the core of Shark Town at the Motleyville Mall, the Skylander discovered that he had built a crab-like machine specifically to fight the heroes. Shellshock was soon defeated, but swore that they hadn't seen the last of him. However his words weren't taken seriously by Sharpfin, Tessa and Flynn. Furious at this, Shellshock lashed out at them for not paying attention to him. In response, Sharpfin sent a few of his Dirt Shark companions to beat up Shellshock, who then ran away.

Skylanders SuperChargersEdit

Shellshock has redeemed himself and now operates an arena called Battlebrawl. Though he tries to convince the Skylanders to be the main event, he walks away and pays them for their trouble but not before directing an insult at them.

Skylanders ImaginatorsEdit

Shellshock appears in a cameo where he has become a well-known Creation Clash player called The Baron.