Baron Von Ruthless

Baron Von Ruthless is a villain not seen, but only mentioned in Pixar's movie The Incredibles. He is discussed in a conversation between Bob Parr and Lucius (Mr. Incredible and Frozone), where they laugh about his tendency to monologue. However, he appears as an enemy in the game, Disney Infinity.

Physical Appearance

Baron Von Ruthless has brown bushy heair, a mustache, a white lab cot, a monocle, and an evil look on his face. He also has an gigantic appearance with green skin, making him resemble a frankenstein.


Baron Von Ruthless has the power to turn himself into a gigantic monster, resembling a frankenstein, giving him super strength, leading him to do mass destruction to the city. He also has the ability to transform civilians into giant frankenstein monsters that can only revert back if they are beaten by the Incredibles.


  • His name is similar to that of Marvel Comics villain Baron von Strucker. His tendency to monologue as well as apparent egomania and status as a major villain are also akin to Doctor Doom.