Tally ho!
~ Baron Von Ghoul

Baron Von Ghoul is the main antagonist of the videogame Grabbed by the Ghoulies. He lives in a place called Ghoulhaven Hall and commands large hoards of monsters called ghoulies that were created by his associate Dr. Krackpot.

After hearing the game's protagonist Cooper saying something about Ghoulhaven Hall that he thought was disrespectful, the baron had two gargoyle ghoulies kidnap Cooper's girlfriend Amber. Cooper chased the kidnappers into Ghoulhaven Hall and was greeted by a kindly old butler called Crivens who agreed to help him find Amber.

Through out most of the game, Baron Von Ghoul tries to stop Cooper and his allies by sending ghoulies out to get them, plus meddle with Cooper's heath to make him easier to kill.

Eventually, Cooper makes it into the Baron's Quarters where he finds Crivens fighting what appears to be the baron. Tossing the villain aside, Crivens tells Cooper that he got the key to free other young prisoners in Ghoulhaven Hall. But as he's giving it to Cooper, Crivens suddenly whacks him with it and reveals that he is really Baron Von Ghoul, with "Crivens" merely being a disguise.

Cooper and the baron fight and Cooper soon gains the upper-hand when he starts beating the baron with his own cane. Baron Von Ghoul then decides to reveal his secret weapon, an airplane suit called the Red Baron. Cooper is no match for the Red Baron at first, until Baron Von Ghoul decides to give him a fighting chance and gives him a soda pop gun. In the end, Cooper defeats the baron and sends him falling through the upstairs window.