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What Baron Typhonus looked like in a vision had by the player.

Baron Typhonus (A.K.A. "The Darkitect") is the main antagonist of the defunct MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) LEGO Universe. He and his minions form the destructive force of corrupted imagination known as the Maelstrom. They seek to rule the Universe with their unruly destruction or infection of anyone or anything in their path.



Four explorers set out on a journey to find the fabled last essence of pure imagination in the universe, known as the Nexus of Imagination. After much disappointment and despair over many travels, they had found it! The other three explorers were overjoyed to have found it! However, Baron, slowly becoming insane from the long travels, imagines a hideous spider to demonstrate that rules don't need to be set for the strong creative powers. The large spider stepped out of the Nexus of Imagination, looked around menacingly, then dragged Baron into the Nexus. The dark imagination corrupted the Nexus and mutated it into the Maelstrom. Unable to contain such destructive powers, the planet Crux exploded, sending the remaining three explorers adrift in space on a chunk of rock. Fortunately, Doctor Overbuild, one of the three, found a small last shard of the Nexus of Imagination. Him and the other two, Hael Storm and Duke Exeter, along with Vanda Darkflame, Baron's assistant, joined together to form the Nexus Force and vowed to protect imagination from the Darkitect (which Baron is now known as) and his Stromlings. (Stromlings are any minifigures or creatures infected with the Maelstrom. They are generally glowing purple with red eyes).