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Baron Mordo (Marvel)

Originally a Transylvanian nobleman (born in Varf Mandra), Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo became a student of the Tibetan sorcerer known as the Ancient One. When Mordo plotted to kill his teacher, the Ancient One's visitor Dr. Stephen Strange learned of the plot, forcing Mordo to cast restraining spells to prevent him from warning his master or attacking him. Unfortunately, when Strange selflessly decided to accept the Ancient One's offer to learn magic in order to help the old man, the Ancient One freed him from those spells, which he was fully aware were in place, and trained him as a formidable enemy of Mordo. Eventually Mordo was exiled by the Ancient One. Mordo's abilities were similar to those of Doctor Strange, but Mordo was particularly skilled at astral projection and hypnosis, as well as mesmerism. He was more than willing to use powerful black magic and invoke demons, both of which Strange was reluctant or unable to do, although both acts would sometimes backfire on Mordo.

Mordo has often served another of Dr. Strange's enemies, Dormammu, the Ruler of the Dark Dimension.


  • Voiced by Tony Jay, Mordo, here called Brother Mordo was a recurring villain in the Spider-Man Animated Series as an enemy of Spider-Man and his ally Dr. Strange. A former student of Ancient One, he attempted to overthrow him but Stephen Strange discovered his plan and attempted to warn the Ancient One but Mordo used a spell to silence him. Fortunately the Ancient One already knew of Mordo's plan and effortlessly stopped it, banishing Mordo from his tutelage and taking Strange on as his apprentice. Mordo goes onto become high priest of the Dread Dormammu whom he seeks to release from the Dark Dimension. He controls a cult of worshippers whom he keeps under his control by casting illusions that delude them into believing that they are being reuinited with loved ones. Mordo pursues the powerful Wand of Watoomb, brainwashing Mary-Jane Watson into becoming a member of his cult, showing her visions of her father. When Peter Parker comes to rescue her, Mordo brainwashes him by showing him visions of his deceased parents. He then sends his puppets, including Peter to raid Strange's temple and bring him the Wand of Watoomb. Using his Spider-Powers, Spider-Man overwhelms and his assistant Woo with the help of the other cultists. Mary-Jane makes off with the Wand but Strange captures Spider-Man and releases him from Mordo's mind-control. They then go to Mordo's temple where he is using the Wand in a ritual to open a portal to the Dark Dimension. Spider-Man gets the Wand off Mordo whilst Woo fights off the cultists. Mordo attacks Strange but proves no match for him. He pleads with Dormammu for help and Dormammu sends his servant some of his own powers from beyond the portal. Spider-Man jumps through the portal to fight Dormammu and is joined by Strange. They retrieve the Wand from Dormammu and escape, by which time Mordo has fled.


Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme

Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo is the main antagonist of the animated television movie, Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme as his actions are the cause of most of the problems that arise in the film. Depicted as a fierce warrior, he and his fellow students are shown pursuing demonic beasts through downtown New York but Mordo is more concerned with killing the monsters than in actually protecting innocent civilians, causing more damage than the monsters themselves in his pursuit of them. Although a good fighter, he is pompous and not a particularly skilled sorcerer and his fellow students regard him with a mocking contempt due to him seeing himself as their leader. He believes that he will be chosen as Sorcerer Supreme but the Ancient One simply laughs him off, saying that he never even contemplated him for the position, instead giving him the task of training the nominal Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange in the art of combat. Despite his injured hands, Strange uses his superior skill in magic to beat Mordo. Humiliated, Mordo turns to the dark god Dormammu, offering to help him in his plan and Dormammu accepts his assistance. Although Mordo helps Dormammu succeed in entering the world, he is confronted again by Strange who once again effortlessly defeats him. Mordo howls in rage at his inability to defeat Strange before Dormammu, probably feeling embarrassed for Mordo at this point, devours him.

Dr. Strange (2016)

Baron Mordo was rumored as the villain for the upcoming Doctor Strange film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor. The rumor was later disproved when it was revealed that Kaecillus will be the main villain although his character seems to be based on Mordo, being a former student of the Ancient One who turned to the path of evil.


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