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Baron Barracuda and Trigger Fish
Baron Barracuda is the sinister sea fish with a monocle on the 1961 live-action children's marionette adventure "DIVER DAN".


Baron Barracuda and his stooge sidekick Trigger Fish (who called the Baron "Boss") lived in the Sargasso Sea in a cave by Teetering Rock. They continually hatched plans to take over the bottom of the ocean. Their main adversaries were the only two humans on the program: intrepid ocean explorer Diver Dan and his mermaid friend, Miss Minerva. Other fish marionettes included: Finley Haddock, Gabby the Clam; Gill-Espie, a bongo-playing beatnik fish; Glow Fish who lived by the Bottomless Pit; Goldie the Goldfish; Hammer-head Shark; Hermit Crab; Doc Sturgeon; Georgie Porgie; Sawfish Sam; Scoutfish who sported an Indian tomahawk and feathers; Sea Biscuit the Seahorse; and Skipper Kipper.

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