Baron Alberto

Baron Alberto is the main human antagonist of the 10th Pokémon movie: The Rise of Darkai.

Role in the film

He constantly insists that all the trouble happening in Alamos Town was caused by Darkrai and was intent on stopping it. He means to have Alice as his wife, but the feeling is not mutual. However this doesn't seem to get in the way of his goal. When Alice says she wants Tonio, Alberto just laughs thinking that her feelings for Tonio are a joke. During the events in the movie, he was transformed into his Lickilicky due to a combination of Darkrai's Dark Void and Palkia's interference with space. Lickilicky dreamed that it was Alberto and thus Alberto became Lickilicky. Angered by this, Alberto offers a reward to whoever could take down Darkrai. Later on he turns back to his normal form when the effects of Dark Void fade.

Alberto is seen again during the credits of the 12th movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life. He is piloting his own hot air balloon and still attempting to win Alice's heart.


In other media:


Baron Alberto has four similarities with Gaston Legume:

    • Both dress in red and yellow to look heroic
    • Both work with a sidekick
    • Both want to marry a heroine, though she loves someone else
    • Both see an unnatural creature as a threat, and are bent on destroying it.