Barn Owl
 The Barn Owl is the secondary antagonist of Once Upon A Forest


While the Furlings were planning on their next move, the Barn Owl saw them heading to his tree. The Barn Owl grabbed Abigail and dropped Edgar and Russel. The Barn Owl was going to have a nice rodent dinner and Abigail grabbed the thorn stabbing his leg in pain. He dropped Abigail and Abigail found a place to hide. Furious, the Barn Owl tried to search Abigail in his nest. Abigail used the magnifying glass to scare it off. The Furlings escaped from him.The Barn Owl pursued them and they hid under a log. The Barn Owl's head went under the log trying to get Abigail. Edgar was using dirt to defeat him. The Barn Owl flew away and tried to find it's next meal.


  • The Barn Owl's Blue Eye is like Dragon the Cat from The Secret of NIMH.
  • Aparrently his name is Richard although it is not mentioned in the film