You gonna die, boy
~ The Barman to Ford Prefect

The Barman of the Old Pink Dog Bar is a very aggressive man in Han Dold city. He runs his Pink Dog Bar and it is full of criminals, killers and thugs. Ford Prefect is a regular at the bar, and one day he tries to pay in American express card. The Barman has never heard of such currency and refuses to accept it.

Slowly, a disembodied hand at the bar begins to crush Ford's shoulder bones, so he tries to worm his way out of trouble. The bird at the bar screeches out the addresses of local hitmen but stops upon seeing the trouble.

Ford blusters about American currency and the Barman threatens to kill him just for not paying the bill, but then Ford offers to include the bar in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in a favourable review, which pleases the Barman.