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How dare you! Even forget... Who raised you! You... stupid disciple!
~ Barlowe when teleporting and attacking

Barlowe is the secondary antagonist of the Castlevania game Order of Ecclesia. He is the adoptive father and mentor of the primary protagonist Shanoa and her friend Albus. He appears at first as a wise man dedicated to protect the world, but he is in fact a disturbed fanatic who wishes to resurrect Dracula at the cost of his disciple's life. His name is likely a reference to Kurt Barlowe, the vampire from Stephen King's book, Salem's Lot.


After Richter Belmont, and later Alucard, defeated Shaft and Dracula, the Belmonts mysteriously vanished, leaving others to handle the threat of the King of the Night's upcoming return.

Barlow is the founder of the Order of Ecclesia, an order of mages able to cast spells through the use of magical symbols known as Glyphs. Some day, he came into possession of a relic that keeps Dracula's soul sealed and prevents his resurrection. Whether he was once determined to destroy Dracula for good but got corrupted by the Count's foul energy radiating from the relic, or has always been a fanatic hiding his true goal behind a facade of benevolence is never explained. However, the games seems to hint the latter probability.

Barlowe told his disciples that should the relic be destroyed, it would destroy Dracula forever. He had also harnessed the Count's power into three powerful Glyphs called Dominus, which he presented to his disciples as the only way to destroy the relic. Finally, he raised Shanoa so that she could one day perform the deed. Little did she know that Dominus is in fact intended to break the seal and bring Dracula back; nor that it consumes the life of its user, which would also remove her as an obstacle after she fulfills her purpose.

In the Game

During the night when Shanoa was about to use Dominus, Albus, who had apparently gone rogue, disrupts the ritual causing Shanoa to become amnesiac and emotionless. Albus protests that Barlowe always told him that he would be the one to use Dominus, calling his master out for his lies. Barlowe reasons that he originally wanted Albus to perform the ritual but noticed that Shanoa was more suited to the role, but Albus attacks him. Barlowe counters his disciple's spell with a powerful lightning blast, prompting Albus to steal Dominus and flee.

Following this, Barlowe orders Shanoa to locate Dominus and, if possible, bring Albus back. During the beginning of Shanoa's quest, Barlowe helps her regain mastery of the spells she forgot.

In fact, Albus had realized that using Dominus was lethal and wanted to spare Shanoa from such a fate. He also suspected that Barlowe had ulterior motives and that Dominus was better left unused. Unfortunately, he fell prey to Dracula's corrupting power radiating from Dominus and abducted thirteen descendants of the Belmont Clan, before fighting Shanoa in the Mystery Manor.

  • Albus is a higly powerful and considerably dangerous enemy who fights with the enchanted gun Agartha. He is very fast and he attacks with regular gunshots or magical ones: the Vertical Shot (two circling waves of light and darkness moving erraticaly), the Max Shot which he used against Barlowe (in fact the "Acerbatus" spell, a giant energy ball dealing crippling damages that can curse Shanoa, which can be taken from him), and the "Torpor" spell (which fires magic crystal that trap Shanoa and leave her open for attacks). He can also use "Quad Ignis": a devastating combo of flaming kicks; and when fought in Hard Mode "Ignis", "Grando" and "Fulgur": the common Fire, Ice and Lightning spells. Albus is vulnerable to the Dark element, so do not hesitate to cast the "Umbra" spell and its variations.

Should Shanoa defeat Albus without rescuing all the captives, she will return Dominus to Ecclesia without suspecting anything and trigger the bad ending of the game. In this scenario, Shanoa uses Dominus and dies, fulfilling her secret purpose. However, Barlowe's treachery and Dracula's return are only slightly hinted.

If on the contrary the requirements for the good ending are met, Albus will warn Shanoa not to use Dominus with his dying breath. She will then refuse to obey Barlowe, who will reveal his true colours, claiming that since humans' malice keeps bringing Dracula from the grave, it is them who call for his return without end and strive to live under his rule. He then resolves to take Dominus from Shanoa and sacrifice her whether she wants it or not.

After Shanoa defeats him, Barlowe sacrifices his own life to break the seal and resurrect Dracula. As such, Shanoa has no other choice than to storm the newly risen Castlevania, risking her life to challenge the Count with Dominus.

Boss Battle

Barlowe is an immensely powerful mage who can pose a serious threat. He flies around the room surrounded by his magical grimoires, which he uses to cast several spells: "Ustio", which launches several homing fireballs in succession; "Tonitrus", which surrounds him with a sphere of electricity before he charges at Shanoa while laughing madly; "Globus", which can be stolen from him and sends two purple energy balls that bounce against walls; and "Glacius", a dangerous spell that freezes the entire floor and can only be avoided by jumping at the right timing. Should Shanoa get caught by "Glacius", Barlowe will strike her with a lightning spell that she would not be able to dodge.

When damaged enough, Barlowe will start using his most dangerous attack: He teleports and dashes at Shanoa from the left and right sides of the screen, trying to strike her with magic-infused punches that deal crippling damages. He charges around five time in succession, each time from a different side; while cursing Shanoa for forgetting what he has done for her, highlighting his delusion.

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