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Barinade is the boss of Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, the third dungeon of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time during Link's childhood story arc. Barinade is a parasitic, bio-electrically charged anemone with several Bari attached to it and tentacles which uses to adhere to Jabu Jabu's innards to absorb its energy.

In order to save both Jabu-Jabu and Princess Ruto from this invertebrate, Link must detach its tentacles with the boomerang while avoiding its lightning bolts. Once all three are severed, the anemone will resort to use the leeched Bari to attack Link. If he can manage a straight hit to its tender body, all the Bari's connections will dissipate and Link can either get rid of the Bari with his boomerang to clear the area or toss use the boomerang to freeze its body and attack it directly.

Once it received enough hits, he will pull out a second round of Bari as well as reveal a larger part of its body. Now there is no other choice but to stun the monster and get rid of its jellyfish guardians since now, everytime it's stunned, it will take cover and shoot electricity from its satellite dish-like tentacles. Taking them all out will force the parasite to be exposed. Link must now stun it with the boomerang and slash at it with the sword. Enough damage to its whole exposed body will cause it to grow pustules and explode.


  • The name "Barinade" could be a portmanteau of "Bari", referring to the monsters it controls, and either "Isonade", the ancient sea youkai or "Marinade" the acidic liquid used to season foods.

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