Bago is an evil mamodo in the manga and anime series Zatch Bell. Bago is a dragon, but is not part of the dragon clan like Elzador and Ashuron. As such, his spells have the attribute of fire.

Information about Bago

Bago is a large dragon mamodo, but is not part of the dragon clan. He is basically a giant stumic on legs. He has an insational appetite and robs entire town of there livestock just to feed his hunger. He and his partner are both thugs who believe might makes right and they can do anything they want if they are strong enough. He loves eating sheep. He is not very smart and actualy fell for Kanchomé's extremely pour imperson of Fredo. Despite his beastly demeanor he actually appears to be somewhat sensitive as he was easily moved by Kanchomé's disguise of Fredo and the kind words he as Fredo said and is very sad when the real Fredo gets mad at him and treats him like a child which isn't far off character. He fights dirty and will do anything Fredo tells him even attacking a young girl, however he is easily distracted which led to their defeat.


When Kanchomé gets captured to work in a circus, he meets a girl with sheep problems: someone's kidnapping her sheep away and eating them. They were defeated by Kanchomé's Dika Poruk, as they were so distracted by the giant Kanchomé, Folgore was able to get rid of the spell book by throwing it into a fire.