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Yo, dips%#t!
~ Barclay

Barclay is a local, popular but arrogant, senior student at Rocky Creek High School and the secondary main antagonist of the 2002 comedy movie The New Guy.

He was portrayed by Ameer Baraka.

Being the most well-liked (and even despised) Rocky Creek student and headstrong captain of the school's football team Drillers, Barclay was the one who has been bullying Dizzy Gillespie Harrison and his best friends Nora, Kirk, and Glen during their high school years. He and his crew and everyone else at the school even called them "Blimp" (as in "off the radar") as if they were invisible, unrecognized and worthless. He is also the boyfriend of another Rocky Creek senior student named Tina Osgood, head of the Drillers' cheerleaders, who remembered Dizzy being tied up to a chair with his pants down by Barclay and his friends and being forced to wear fake rubber breasts last semester with his humiliation completely recorded and videotaped. She was close to give all of her attention to Dizzy whole the school's hallway until Barclay came and interrupts their "innocent" conversation and shows Tina and everybody else Dizzy has an erection. They later gave Dizzy a wedgie, ripped put his underpants, threw it at his face and shoved him away as a cruel "punishment". But it did not end there; among the crowd of the school's faculty staff and students is local Rocky Creek librarian in a wheelchair named Mrs. Whitman who grabbed onto Dizzy's pants and mistaken his erected penis for a concealed weapon before she accidentally broke it and he screams in excruciating pain in front of everyone as they laughed. In the end, they now gave Dizzy harsh names "Broke-wood" and "Broke-dick".

At a local shopping mall, in front of the Sunshine Gospel Choir, both Tina Osgood and Barclay were among the crowd of mall shoppers before Dizzy in his delirious behavior began preaching about abstinence being taken away by the police.

The Drillers versus East Highland High's Highlanders, it was the biggest game this season for both rival schools. The Highlanders, invigorated by Gil Harris (Dizzy's bad boy alias) in a Braveheart-esque manner, won the championship while the Drillers including the selfish Barclay lost. But just as Barclay was kneeling down in agonizing defeat, he noticed something shocking about Gil Harris' face and realized it was Dizzy Gillespie Harrison.

The next day after the Highlander team's impressive victory, Barclay in his repulsive anger walked towards Gil at East Highland High's courtyard in front of the entire student, blaming him for taking away his championship. Just as the 2 teenage boys were about fight, all the students on Gil's behalf riled up on Barclay quickly and beaten him up and pulled a wedgie on him.