Barbarossa Rugner is the main antagonist in the first Suikoden video game. He was the seventeenth emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Hero of the War of Succession to the throne, he is called the "Golden Emperor".


Barbarossa is 52 years old and the emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire. During the War of Succession 7 or so years ago he defeated the then Emperor Geil Rugner. Back then many people loved and respected him. However as of late his desicions have been more and more strange. As it turns out, the Court Magician Windy, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the emperors late wife, is using her magic to control him. However, being the bearer of the Sovereign Rune her magic has no effect on him and he is merely following her due to his feelings for her. He battled Tir and his company at the end of Suikoden, transforming himself into the Golden Hydra with the use of his sword. After his defeat and explanation of his decision to feign being controlled, he grabs Windy and jumps off the top of his castle never to be seen again.