The Minions (Quest for Camelot)

The Barbarians in their glory.

The Barbarians (also known as Metal Minions) are supporting antagonists of the 1998 animated Warner Bros. film, Quest for Camelot. They serve as the murderous army of Ruber.


During his ten-year exile from Camelot for his attempt to usurp the throne, Ruber gathered a bunch of barbaric followers to help him in his cause. After the tenth year passed by, Ruber and his men ravaged the lands of Lady Juliana (the widow of Sir Lionel, whom Ruber killed before his banishment), where Ruber plans to use Juliana's wagons to hide his men to infiltrate into Camelot and take the throne by force. To that end, he had his men to hold Juliana's daughter, Kayley hostage while brewing a potion to turn his men into iron golems melded with weapons. Some of them are Spike Slingers, Swordhands, Bowhands, and many more.

Although Kayley escapes from the barbarian's grasp (since one of them foolishly let her go to become an iron golem), they manage to recapture her and steal the legendary sword, Excalibur. After Ruber infuses himself to the sword with the same potion, he and his men continue on with their plan to take over Camelot. Fortunately, a blind hermit named Garrett, along with a pet falcon named Ayden and a two-headed dragon named Devon and Cornwall arrive to help Kayley and stop the barbarians. When Ruber is killed, the barbarians turn back into their human forms and their fate is unknown, though it is most likely that they were arrested by the knights of Camelot.



  • Despite being Ruber's henchmen, they aren't the secondary antagonists, the Griffin is.