Evil Nurse Barb

Barbara "Barb" Stone is the main villainess from the 2016 Lifetime movie, Nightmare Nurse.

She was played by Traci Lords.

Barbara Stone is a nurse at a local hospital where protagonists Lance and Brooke end up after they are injured in a car accident, which killed a man named Darren Wells and broke Lance's leg. She tended to the couple, who are later left in the care of Chloe Spade at their home. Barb ended up replacing Chloe after she was accused of drugging Lance with oxycodone, all after Chloe acted flirtatious towards Lance. She also kept Chloe from re-entering the home when she attempted to maintain her innocence in drugging Lance.

Barb later called Lance at the hospital and informed him that Chloe attempted suicide via an overdose of Oxycodone, and she is shown in her care. Barb turned heel and later revealed that she paid Chloe to ruin the lives of Lance and Brooke, and also stated that she replaced Chloe's anti-depressant medication with placebos, which explained Chloe's erratic behavior. Barb also revealed that she took care of Chloe's boyfriend, James (implying that she killed him), and she later drugged Chloe further and placed her in her car next to James. She later drove back home and gave Lance a batch of her cookies, which she laced with drugs. After Lance feels the effects, the evil Barb reveals herself as the fiancee of Darren Wells, and gave an evil laugh as she admitted to being the one who made Lance overdose as part of her plan to kill him. She is later taken down by Brooke, who strikes her with one of Lance's crutches. Barb also faces Chloe, who points a gun at her, but after promising to double Chloe's pay to $5000, Barb subdues Chloe and drugs her again. Barb again attempts to go after Lance, only for Brooke to KO her for good.