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Baras Rodirya was a Bajoran male who appeared in the Star Trek: The Fall novels. Using the alias Ishan Anjar he served as Federation President Pro Tempore following the assassination of President Nanietta Bacco in 2385.

In 2369 following an attack on a Cardassian labor camp Baras and the real Ishan Anjar were captured on the planet Jevalan by Cardassian forces. As Baras was a collaborator working for the Cardassians he was not harmed. Ishan however was tortured and killed. Gul Pavok had the two men's identities swapped, telling the public that Baras had died and that Ishan had survived. In retaliation for the attacks the Cardassians used the information Baras had provided to lay waste to the Bajoran civilian population on Jevalan. Baras managed to escape and killed the two other Bajorans who could possibly reveal his secret.

Following the occupation Baras returned to Bajor. Publicly known as Ishan Anjar, Baras began his political career in the Bajoran government following his world's liberation later that year. He managed to eventually be named as Bajor's Federation Councillor in [[2384. After arranging the murder of President Nanietta Bacco Baras was selected by the Council to serve as President Pro Tempore for the statutory term of sixty standard days.

During his time in office Baras began pressing for a much more aggressive posture against other powers in the galaxy. Many civilians and Starfleet officers feared that he would start a war with the Typhon Pact if elected President. While President Baras undertook a number of highly questionable actions, some of which were quite illegal.

In October of 2385 the deception was finally uncovered, and the truth of what happened was revealed to the Council. Baras Rodirya was arrested in front of the Federation Council on a number of charges, including charges that he had helped plan the murder of the previous President of the Federation, Nanietta Bacco.

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