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The Machine Empire Baranoia is an intergalactic conquering empire of robots that acted as the main villains of Choriki Sentai Ohranger.


Long ago, the Pangaea Civilization produced a robot who rebelled and attempted to conquer the planet until he is driven off by Pangaea's warrior Riki. The robot, Bacchus Wrath, founded the Baranoia Empire and conquered a number of galaxies before he returned Earth to finish what he started. However, Bacchus and the Baranoian royal family find themselves facing the Ohrangers. They sent a number of Machine Beast monsters to battle them before Bacchus Wrath took matters into his own hands and died fighting OhBlocker. The death of Bacchus caused a power vaccum that was taken advantage of by the usurper Bomber the Great who took control and exiled Empress Hysteria and her son Prince Buldont. However, finding the remains of Bacchus, Buldont uses his father's energy to mature into the adult Kaiser Buldont and took back Baranoia with the aid of his cousin Princess Multiwa. Under Buldont's rule, marrying Multiwa as she eventually bore him a child, Baranoia became a greater threat to Earth until Buldont and Multiwa got killed in battle. With Hysteria's death to ensure the safety of her grandson Buldont Junior, Acha and Kocha, the Baranoia Empire ceased to be with the Ohrangers' mission ending with the destruction of its surviving member Bara Mobile.



The Baranoian royals and servants

Machine Beasts

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