Bansha is a general among the Ghost Warriors, and one of the main antagonists of Ninjago: Possession. She, like her allies Ghoul Tar, Soul Archer and Wrayth, has manipulated her boss Morro into releasing The Preeminent, thus killing him as well later.

Role in Ninjago

She assisted Morro on his mission to release the Preeminent. In a battle with the ninja, she convinces Morro to kill the ninja, however, Morro does not accept it, and only needs them to slow down. She, like the other ghost generals, later realized Ronin is on the ninja's side, thus paralyzing him. She later made sure the Preeminent is released, and after that, along with the other generals, she was ready to crush anything in her way including Morro by controlling some of the Preeminent's acts. The Preeminent sunk into the sea, but managed to grab and strangle Morro with his arm. Morro sunk as well, but turned good, finally giving Wu the realm crystal.



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