Bane the Fox
Bane was a secondary villain from the Redwall series book Mossflower. He was a mercenary fox who came from the far north with a gang of 60 other mercenary foxes, rats, and weasels.

On his travels he came across Castle Kotir and met Tsarmina Greeneyes, the ruling queen. He offered an alliance with her, secretly planning on taking over Kotir himself. Tsarmina saw through his plot, however, and after he helped her win several battles with the rebel woodlanders, she tricked him by giving him a high-ranking position in her army, as well as the cloak her former captain, Ashleg the pine marten. Tsarmina led Bane outside of her castle to check on a supposedly broken door, then dashed inside just as the golden eagle Argulor, who had mistaken Bane for his long sought-after prey, Ashleg, swooped down and grabbed the fox. They battled high in the air, until Bane finally died in Argulor's talons. The old eagle, seeing that he had taken the wrong prey, died of his blade-wounds and a heart-attack and both fell to the ground. Bane's forces were then integrated into Kotir's troops.