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Henchman of Kagura

"That's it, finished already?" - Bando

Bando is a rogue ninja and a shinobi who works as a henchman for the villlainess Kagura. His only appearance is in the video game series Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution for Wii. Starting with the second game in the video game series he appears to be like a bodyguard to Kagura. He is noted for his strength obviously and then the two cannons on his back. He inserts a great amount of chakra into each cannon to do different things. The cannon on the right uses lightning chakra to shock and stun Bando's opponent's. The other cannon on the left does huge blasts that can be held for greater power and work with a form of fire chakra. As you can see he has a unattachable arm, it is not known how he lost his real one. The only real reason could be is that he lost it in battle when he was younger.