Bandernatch, capture Shido Itsuka, you can break his bones if you want.
~ Ellen Mira Mathers

Bandersnatch Droid DD007 in Date A Live, are Humanoid doll or robot remote-controlled fighting machines that are designed to automatically recognize and attack the enemy. It's more powerful, crude and destructive version of the Bandersnatch.

The bandersnatch Droid made third episode of the second season of Date A Live, as the droids guardian of Ellen Mira Mathers, at some times they are seen as personal bodyguards of Isaac Ray Peram Westcott and the military force of D.E.M Industries. They are equipped with a Realizer that must be linked to a larger Realizer unit for it to function.

Military Uses

The DEM Industries uses these Bandersnatch for their standard army of force and protection. They can be found everywhere around the occupation of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, places of industries, occupation, and military bases and sometimes in battlefields with Spirits that belongs to Isaac Westcott. They also serve as guardians. The D.E.M Industries used as they were more Battle Droids used for combat, safety or guardians of great entrepreneurs and top industries of DEM Industries.


  • Nut Crackers

A pair of laser knuckles; designed for close-combat.

  • Merry Ram

A 10.5 cm laser gun.

  • Twin Cluster

A micro-missile pod.

  • King Call

A laser edge built-in single element cutter.

  • Vánargandr

An energy embedded sword that acts like a chainsaw.

  • Jaw

A Mechanical Clamp and Mana Gun hybrid.

  • Caledvwlch

A large laser blade.



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