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Bamboo was a major gun-running criminal and a character in the 1993 movie Strapped.

He was portrayed by Fredro Starr.

He is a criminal who goes into business with Ben (a gun dealer). He is into crime. He's had a past of crime himself. He likes to steal, and he brags about it. He comes from a broken home, with a single mother who said he wouldn't "be shit." He holds up a Chinese deli owner for apparently not giving him the same size of bread. Thinking someone is behind him, he accidently shoots a little girl. Given that it was an accident, at this point he's not really a murderer (as murder would be deliberate), but a homicidal maniac. He only becomes a murderer at the end when he ditches Dequan, thinking that he betrayed him. He then tries to kill him. They are enemies at this point.

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