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Baltro is an evil mamodo in the manga and anime series Zatch Bell.


Baltro kidnaps Kiyo's father Seitaro Takamine the professor of the University. Baltro battles with Zatch, Kiyo, Kanchome, Folgore, and Kory. He was inside of the machine who can control the robot. His flower powers are gone, Baltro comes out of his machine, and he fights with Folgore, and gets shocked by Zatch's lightning attack. Baltro leaves the castle with Steng as he claims that he would get more villagers to terrorize. Then a mamodo named Zeno stops them from going to the village to terrorize as he burns Baltro's book sending him back to the mamodo world.

Powers and Abilities

Baltro uses flowers to use his knights and swords, and using to jump on his opponents, finally he uses lots of flowers to destroy the castle.


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