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Balrog (Cave Story)


~ Balrog

Balrog is a character and antagonist in the videogame Cave Story. He is a servant of the Demon Crown often working with his fellow servant Misery to accomplish the Crown Holder's goals. He, like Misery, is cursed by the crown. If Ballos is defeated, the curse is broken and he saves Quote and Curly from the closing in walls of the Sealed Chamber after which he leafes the island along with them to live the rest of their lives in peace.

Balrog's catchphrase "Huzzah" ( "Oh Yeah!" in the DSiware and Wiiware ports) has become popular across the internet.

There is a darker version of Balrog named Pooh Black (Puu Black in the remakes) whom Nurse Hasumi in the Labyrinth refers to as a ghost.



  • Balrog is possibly a living weapon, given his ability to fire missiles from his body as well as spheres of energy.
  • In the first battle Balrog has 60 HP thus making him the weakest boss in the game, as well as one of the few optional ones.
  • Balrog is the only boss other than the Red Demon (who is ironically one of the other optional bosses) to drop weapon crystals.
  • Balrog's graphical design was originally based on a bar of soap.
  • In the credits it states that Balrog is Misery's personal "punching bag."

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