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Inhale my dong, enragement child!
~ Freddy (to Balloon Boy)


Balloon Boy's final form (somewhat similar to Giygas).

Balloon Boy is the true main antagonist of the parody Five Night at Freddy's game known as Five Nights at Fuckboy's 2 - also, due to being one of the most controversial characters in the game he is a target for numerous other parodies, often adult-orientated and comedic in nature.

This page shall detail his role in Five Nights At Fuckboy's as well as other parodies, do NOT add information about canon Balloon Boy - who can be found in the original Balloon Boy page.

Five Nights at F**kboy's 2

Balloon Boy is the true main antagonist of the popular adult parody game, Five Nights at Fuckboys 2 and takes on an apocalyptic role as a diabolic supervillain who seeks to travel back in time in order to destroy Freddy's diner and the other animatronics so that he can reshape and ultimately conquer the world itself.

To this end he creates a time-machine and becomes a cosmic entity that parodies Giygas, in his ultimate form he can only be defeated by Mangle, who uses her "Bite of 87" attack to literally bite off Balloon Boy's frontal lobe, apparently killing the monster once and for all.

Other Parodies

considered as one of the most "annoying" and hateful characters in the franchise Balloon Boy has become the continual target of many troll games, memes and dark comedies based on the game (as well as those that parody other works), some of the more notable examples are:



  • Five Nights At Fuckboy's 2 (Final) - Showdown Against Balloon Boy!21:36

    Five Nights At Fuckboy's 2 (Final) - Showdown Against Balloon Boy!

    During playing Five Nights at Fuckboy's 2 Mastermax888 had his own Villainous Breakdown due to Balloon Boy impersonating Giygas : the breakdown can be seen in the final video of his playthrough (about 5 minutes or so in).

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