Balefur was a villainous, ambitious fox warlord and a supporting antagonist in the Redwall book Outcast of Redwall.


Balefur was a mighty warrior in his youth and he won many campaigns for his horde. He was a ruthless warmonger and a clear sociopath. Balefur had the command of a vast vermin horde composed of foxes and weasels, rats and stoats. Balefur's horde was victorious in many campaigns.


Because of his fame, Balefur became a victim of his own success and attracted the attention of the evil ferret warlord Swartt Sixclaw, who plotted to secretly usurp Balefur's horde. When Swartt visited Balefur, the warlord was a drunk, obese fox who could no longer properly lead his horde due to his old age.

Swartt, knowing how corrupt and greedy Balefur was, got angry as he listened to two of his own hordebeasts talking about how Balefur would usurp Swartt and be leading his horde soon. Swartt was just as ambitious as Balefur, yet much more intelligent. He send his seer Nightshade to spy out the land, and she returned with new information about the place.

She had found two stoat witches, who protected their dwellings from evil serpents which had invaded a nearby quarry. So, Swartt seized his chance to betray Balefur, who was just planning on killing Swartt under pretence of Swartt being delusional and old. So Swartt had Nightshade tell Balefur, under guise of her loyalty to him as a fellow fox, about the alleged treasure in the quarry that the stoat witches protected.

Being as stupid as he was greedy, Balefur took the lie, hook line and sinker.Balefur took two foxes with him as henchmen and had planned to meet Nightshade at the quarry to split the spoils. Unaware that the entire quarry was full of hungry serpents, which devoured all three foxes, including Balefur.