This country must be reborn. There is no other way.
~ Baldren Gassenral
Baldren Gassenral is the main antagonist in Valkyria Chronicles 2. He is the commander of the Gallian Revolutionary Army's Infantry Division, the eldest son of Gilbert Gassenral and the brother of Dirk and Audery 
Gassenral. He was voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa in Japanese and was English Dubbed by Liam O'Brien.

In Valkyria Chronicles 2

Formerly a Gallian army officer, Baldren and his family fought fiercely to defend Gallia from the Imperial inbvasion in EWII. However, after Princess Cordelia revealed herself to be a Darcsen, Baldren was defected and became a commander of the Gallian Revolutionary Army. In order to recreate Gallia with a "purer light", he operates with cool efficency in the expulsion of Darcsens. After the capture of Randgriz, Baldren shoots Gilbert upon discovering that his father was simply using the Anti-Darcsen sentiment as his way to take over Gallia. Badren declared himself to be the Archduke of Gallia, telling Jean Townshend that he had no intention of becoming part of the Federation.