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Balder was the God Warrior of Hraesvelgr in 1990.


Balder lived in a poor village of Asgard, and possessed a weak body; after a plague, his villagers of his village dead, and he decide, ask to Odin a strong body to help the Asgardians; but, Odin, don't attended and Loki listened and feigned be Odin; he give to Balder two scores, in Runes form, of Fehu and ī, and give a bit of his power to him; so, his body become strong an hard; anything could destroy it. But, Loki arrested his empathy for the other humans, and he forgot the reason to make a contract with Odin (Loki). After this, Balder thought to be an immortal God and asked reverently of the people's.

God Warrior

He becomes a god warrior to fight for Asgard, but, he is a bad guy, like Surtr and Fafner. He met Shaka in Alfheim, and after the fight, Shaka discovered Loki cheated Balder, and stole his empathy for the humans, so, without empathy and piety, Balder is not a god. After the defeat, Balder loses his scores and he feels all the pain should be felt in these years, but Shaka removes his touch sense, for he has a good death.

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