Bakutofuji-ER of the Timer

Bakutofūji-ER of the Timer is Matroid who uses the Time Reverse ability, letting him turn back time 10 seconds. He was used by Metal Alice to lure the Goseigers into trap so Buredo-RUN could destroy them. Enlarging to cover Buredo-RUN, Bakutofūji-ER battles Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Ground before using his Time Reverse to fight against the former's Ultimate Strike. However, unbeknownst to Metal Alice, Buredo-RUN shoots a beam into the colliding attacks that causes a time warp which sucks Alata and Bakutofūji-ER in. The two battled in the past before returning to the present, with the Matroid finally destroyed by Ground Gosei Great. Bakutofūji-ER is named after Back to the Future and modeled after a horseshoe crab.