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Bako 'Ikaporamee was a subordinate and assistant to the Prophet of Stewardship.


Battle of Installation 04

He was aboard the Truth and Reconciliation during the Battle of Installation 04, and spoke to Orna 'Fulsamee several times. Orna 'Fulsamee found him to be quite tiresome, as he would often speak on Stewardship's behalf and use the royal "we" a habit which greatly angered Orna. In addition, Bako believed the humans thirsted for the glory from the greatest of the Forerunner Installations: Alpha Halo.

When Zuka 'Zamamee went to the Minor Prophet about personally hunting down John 117, Bako was present again; however this time he didn't speak as a Councilor Elite. Instead, Soha 'Rolamee was present to do the talking. He was not seen again.

Being constantly at the Prophet's side, it is assumed Bako died when the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers boarded the Truth and Reconciliation. When they captured Stewardship, the Marines possibly saw Bako as a hostile and killed him, or when John 117 destroyed Installation 04, or in combat with the Flood.

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