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Baikinman is the primary foe to the bread superhero Anpanman, and is the most recurring antagonist in the Anpanman books and anime.

He is voiced by, Ryūsei Nakao who also voiced Caesar Clown from One Piece and Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Bleach.


Baikinman, himself as a germ entity, wants to spread germs and bacteria to Anpanman and his friends. He is weak to soap, which shrinks him. He establishes his crimes through riding a personal UFO that sometimes extends its grip to capture innocent people. He also keeps a collection of vehicles/tools that harms his enemies. Baikinman usually gets defeated by Anpanman or an ally in the anime.


Baikinman's primary ally is Dokin-chan. He also has other allies such as a germ army.

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