Claudio Mendes De Lima, better known by his nickname "Baiano" is the main villain from Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad in the USA). He was portrayed by Fábio Lago.

A boss drugs dealer, Baiano imposes his own laws inside the “Morro dos Prazeres”, one of the biggest slums from Rio de Janeiro, where all drug addicts go to buy drugs. He has many henchmen, who are all people from the slum, also using high school students (one being Edu) to sell drugs inside the universities, which grants him a good income. He allowed an ONG to work on the slum just because they agreed to follow his orders, and he kept the police at bay by bribing their corrupt officers.

Mathias, a police officer and high school student, started working at the ONG without revealing he was from the police. During a night party he and his fellow Neto watch as corrupt policials get their income from the drugs dealers, but decide to interrupt the meeting by shooting one of the criminals, which starts a conflict between the police and the criminals. The BOPE (Special Operations Police Battalion) is sent to intervene, and under the orders of Captain Nascimento (the main character from the movie), they kill the criminals and rescue the police, which had been cornered, and Mathias and Neto, who decide to join the BOPE. Later, Baiano discovers that Mathias was a police officer after seeing him on the newspaper, and invades the ONG to demand explanations. Mathias presses Edu, forcing him to arrange a meeting with a kid from the slum, whom he wanted to give a pair of glasses. Baiano then sets up a trap to kill him, not knowing he was now a BOPE officer. Neto offers to go in Mathias place, since he had a job interview scheduled that day, and gives the glasses to the kid. Baiano and his henchmen corner him and kill him, but then Baiano realizes he was from the BOPE. Panicked, he starts killing all the people from the ONG and hide himself while his men protect him. Nascimento orders a full-scale assault on the slum to catch Baiano, killing his henchmen and torturing people to get his location. He is eventually found and shoot down, so he pledges to not be shoot in the face, as to not screw his funeral. Nascimento gives his gun to Mathias, who executes Baiano (it is not shown if he attended his last wish).