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Your face - it's beginning to swell up!
~ Bagswill

Bagswill was a tertiary antagonist in the very first book of The Edge Chronicles. He was a shady character, a hammerhead goblin, who plotted to overthrow Linius Pallitax, the Most High Academe, and rule in his place.

He was assisted in his plot with Leprix, a cruel sub-dean who was also planning in killing Linius.

Bagswill was a guard but then he became greedy and dissatisfied. He wanted the top position and sought to kill Linius for no reason other than becoming ruler.

He tried several attempts. First he sent poisoned wine to Linius which he didn't take. Second he sliced off the harness to the Sanctaphrax cages hoping that when Linius made his nocturnal visits to the rock he would fall to his death. Linius wasn't in the cage the time it broke, but Quintinius was, and he narrowly missed falling to death.

When the Gloamglozer destroyed the Palace of Shadows in a fire, Bagswill believed the Most High Academe was dead, and celebrated with Lebrix by drinking wine. However, when Jervis, his servant, was called, he revealed it was the poisoned wine he had drunk and Bagswill got furious. However, he swellled up due to the poison inside, floated out the window and was seen no more.

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