The Bagra Army is an evil legion and empire of Digimon led and founded by Lord Bagra. They serve as the general main antagonists in the Digimon anime and manga series Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion.



Three Head Officers/Three Generals

Three high-ranking officers and powerful Digimon under Bagramon, and are in-charge of the commanders of the Zone battalions

Zone Battalion commanders

Officers who incharge of Zones and are under the Three Generals

Death Generals/Dark Generals

Replacements of the Three Generals. The seven of the most powerful Digimon of the Bagra Army and the Digital World who rule the seven kingdoms surrounding the Bagra Fortress, serving under Bagramon and AxeKnightmon.


Midnight Army

  • Tyutyumon (Damemon's former partner; deceased)
  • Vilemons (Blastmon's servants and messengers; deceased)


Battalion in Forest Zone
Battalion in Island Zone
Battalion in Magma Zone
Battalion in Lake Zone
Battalion in Sand Zone
Battalion in Jungle Zone
Battalion in Dust Zone
Battalion in Warrior Zone
Battalion in Disc Zone
Battalion in Sweet Zone
Battalion in Sword Zone

Dark Generals' Armies

Fire-fury Army

Dorbickmon's personal army

Moonlight Army

NeoMyotismon's personal army

Wood-spirit Army

Zamielmon's personal army

Water Tiger Army

Splashmon's personal army

Gold Pirate Crew

Olegmon's personal army

Earth Spirit Army

Gravimon's personal army

Sun Army

Apollomon and Whispered's personal army

Bagra Fortress Battalion

Human World Invansion Force


Manga Version Only

Former Members

  • Dorulumon
  • Baalmon/Reapmon (Assasin; killed, revived as Beelzemon, and defected to the Fusion Fighters)
  • Grademon (Former commander of the Sword Zone Battalion)
  • DarkVolumon/Ballistamon (Former member of the Gold Pirate Crew)